With Online Giving you no longer have to worry about arriving at church and realizing you forgot your checkbook, you have no cash, or you forgot your purse or wallet. Online Giving allows you to have your church contributions deducted from your checking, savings, or credit card on a monthly, weekly, or by-monthly basis. This works through a secure website and gives you no worries.

Setting up an Online Giving Account!

There are two ways to set up Online Giving Accounts. You can set an account up by clicking on the login below or you can download the mobile app and set it up with your smartphone or tablet.
OR download the mobile app (Click here for instuctions for the app)
  • Download ‘Fellowship One Go’ app. (Make sure Location Services is turned on.) When lauching the app, search for Skyline by name and/or zip code of 38301.
  • Follow the prompts
IMPORTANT: When setting up your tithe, select “General Contributions: Tithe”.
If you have any questions or issues, contact our Ministerial Assistant, Ava Storie.