International Missions

Skyline is involved with several international missions:

In Panama we sponsor 8 preachers and their families. Mission trips are taken to the Darien of Panama each year.

In Haiti we are involved with the Live Beyond and Christianville organizations.

Recently, we have been working with Dorian Flynn Missions and Patrick Kenee (R & T Missions) in Africa.  

Click here to get a glimpse of the local ministries Skyline supports.

To find out more about where some of the Special Missions money from 2016 was spent, please click on each link below: 

Mission Handout (click here) showing disbursements and types of missions that were worked with this past year.

  • Mentoring Summer Camp
  • Live Beyond – Haiti
  • Partners 4 Africa
  • Christianville Orphanage in Haiti
  • Manna Global Ministries
  • Encounter (College Ministry)


Mission Fund Request Application Process

Mission funds exist at the Skyline church for members and others who need financial assistance carrying out Christ’s commissioin.  Skyline members requesting $300 per mission effort (up to $600 per calendar year) must meet the criteria stated on the Mission Fund Request Application Form to recieve requested funds as verified by the mission committee. Click on the link befow to download and complete.

Mission Fund Request Application Form (pdf)

Allow 60 days to process requests.  Requests can be made up to 6 months before the mission work is to begin and up to 2 months after the work ends. 


Media Outreach

Skyline has been involved in television outreach for more than 35 years. Church services broadcast locally and throughout West Tennessee. Videos are also produced for use in our services as well as for various ministries at Skyline. Skyline is also involved with several other churches of Christ, producing television programs for broadcast where those churches are located as well as internationally on two satellite networks.