September 3 – November 26, 2017
(Classes meet on Sunday mornings at 9 am.)
Adult Class Topic: “Isaiah 40-55”. (All Adult classes will be studying the same topic this quarter.)
Description: Isaiah 40-55, also know as Second Isaiah, was written to give hope and encouragement to the exiles in Babylon as the prophet reminds God’s people that Yahweh alone is God, He has not forsaken them, and He will deliver His people. This study should remind you of a loving Savior who will sufer to restore you to Him and will call you to better embody Christ ot others.
Class: “Cornerstone” (Mostly middle aged adults with room at the table for everyone.)
Teacher: Jim Pentecost
Room: CAC
Hosts: Glen and Debbie Pendergrass, David and Betsy Perkins
Class: “Seekers” (Mostly seasoned adults who love one another and love to study scripture.)
Teacher: Tommy McDonald
Room: 114
Hosts: Ray and Jane Goode, Danny Wilkes
Class: “The Upper Room” (Mostly young adults with a high value for community and discussion.)
Teacher: Cory Lee
Room: 216
Hosts: Brian and Brooke Pearson, Walker and Liz Wellington